Happy Chinese New Year

It is always an Auspicious time for Chinese, when the Chinese New Year arrives....the decoration, the food, the festive mood,the goodies.....simply a happy occasion...Known as Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival (Chūn Jié),is a day where Chinese Families gather for their Annual Reunion dinner Chú Xī(除夕) or "Eve of the Passing Year."

Being a Chinese born myself Reunion Dinner carries a great meaning each year when everyone on my family member sit together and dine...indulging on all the Auspicious Dish, chatting with family members reflects unity and bonding that never will be able to be replaced by anything....

DRAGON YEAR is what its going to be for this year Lunar Calendar....full of new hopes and expectation on how the dragon is going to ride his way through out the year.....Hoping for the Dragon leaping every fortune and luck in 2012 is echoes in all the prayer for the Chinese....that would include me and my own family....its a great honor for me to contribute stories on this joyous occasion requested by GD.Suhendra a very dear friend of mine....

Special message I really wish to convey to Gede and all his blog enthusiastic "May all the luck of the Dragon will shine through your life,career,love and tail of happiness of the Dragon be with you"

"Xin Nien Kuai Le, Lung Mah Jing Sahn ! 龍馬精神

By Aini Lee - Singapore